“The world is like God’s garden and God made you and everyone else to bloom in that garden and to be beautiful .” God made each and every one of us unique and special to be beautiful in our own way…

The story is that once upon a time mankind did not know evil and was happy and in paradise. The Divine Creator told mankind of something that they should not do and then they did it. As a result of what they did, mankind became aware of evil and that awareness brought evil into their everyday existence. Therefore… doing what they were warned not to do by the Divine Creator, is the essence of evil. Thus…

The struggle ensued between good and evil for the soul of humanity and mankind has been struggling ever since. As such… merely maintaining the better self has now become an endless struggle opposed to being a natural response.

Who the LORD loves He corrects, even as a father, to the son in whom He takes delight

God owns us! He made us custodians of a portion of Himself.  He made us all safe keepers on probation, and earth, is HIS testing ground for us to prove our loyalty to HIM. To whom much is given much is expected. He gave us a portion of Himself to maintain. A portion of Him that is self-sustained -if we keep it to its source which is Him. We are all equipped and enabled.  A portion of God gives us the conscientiousness to choose between Good and evil, and as God Himself explains it to us, through our conscience, and His teaching -in holy scriptures.

He wouldn’t want to have to, step on our nuts; He has work boots on…

Therefore… it follows clearly to those whose heart ponders the purpose of life, that there will be a summing up and evaluating of our faithfulness to what we know to be right and what He has predestined in us. His Word and teaching is written on our hearts and souls in the form of a conscience. “Love your neighbor as you love yourself.”  Those words will be worth more than diamonds or Gold, so much more… On the opposite side of the scale, if you do not become aware of  the will of GOD in your life … So as not to manifest it… There will be nothing but the hell made for the devil and his followers.


God’s Will as expressed in the bible, as recorded in the Kjv and other sources

Such as…

The Book of Enoch, The Book of Adam and Eve, The book of Jasher… just to name a few. Also, it’s interesting to note that every ancient culture has a historical reference to the story to the Flood Mentioned in the bible. In addition …

the fact that giants were in the earth. This is a globally accepted fact and in the history of nations. References are made to the battle with giants and other more startling events that is the backbone of the militarizing of mankind. Read articles on Giants.

Even the foundation of the New World is built upon issues mentioned in history. Additionally it can be ventured even say, that our knowledge and technology and civilizations are structured on the teachings from ancient records.

History bears testimony of battles that stirs the mind with a bigger picture and stronger connectedness than previously imagined.  We are all connected in one way or another despite our apparent differences.

I’m thinking of the fact that each person has a different personality. In other words… Even if we all did everything that God has said to the letter, we would still express different personalities. That alone in itself is a testimony of something divine. Furthermore…

 For the prophecy did not come in times past by the will of man, but the holymen of God spoke being inspired by the Holy Spirit.

using the prophets of the bible as illustration we can clearly see that they are individuals with their own flaws and doubts. As such… Moses or Daniel or Peter or the apostle Paul… even though they did remain obedient to God, still exhibited different personalities. Despite our differences we are all a part of the same story.

We are supposed to be caretakers of ourselves and of each other.


#Love #God and #Live


#Love #GOD & #Live

#Love #GOD & #Live

Love GOD Live

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