Bluetooth headset makes listening pleasurable and it is so convenient. Truly using my phone hands-free is the joy of using my phone. I’m a music lover, I work listening to music, and I play and study listening to music. Obviously, music is an animating force that I’ve grown attached to and is going steady with. The honeymoon phase is never over with me and my gaming headset.

BLUETOOTH HEADSET  Bluetooth Headset

One important thing for any business person or someone who is always on-the-go is a good Bluetooth headset. That way you can take calls; dial into Skype, listen to your favorite music or even watch a movie. Moreover… these headsets are noise cancelling so you can have a chat without background noise.

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Krankz Studio  Bluetooth Headset

First of all our open backed backed natural sound wood headphones are the Ultimate in Studio Headphones.

Finally, Krankz Studios are the producers dream headphones. When it comes to mixing your tracks, sound quality is paramount and comfort is a must!

Because of our:

  • exceptionally wide frequency range (5Hz-30kHz)
  • strong smooth bass presence
  • very comfortable fit

These headphones also gives you, the producer or DJ the same pure sound profile as a pair of Hi-end studio monitors. Above all enjoy the music!!

The best Bluetooth headsets allow you to take calls, stream music and pair multiple phones and audio players simultaneously and wireless

The Quality exceeds the price and it’s built to last. No need to shop around if quality is what you seek at a reasonable price.