Dating with creative dates is key to maximizing fun and creating a memorable experience that will stoke potential interest. Dating sites can just as well be ‘Baiting’ sites –a bag of Catfish too! I’ve yet to meet a proper person on any of these sites, -how about you?

I’ve found a girl on a dating site that was actually in lockup at the time and will continue to be there till next summer 2018. I made the mistake of asking her her ‘bizniz’?! She came out swinging!! “Do not ask me what I’m in for -I don’t wanna discuss it! Maybe I will tell you one day!” As though I’ll be sticking around long enough to hear it…Which man would? She is in jail and do not want to say what got her there in the first place?? However…

She want’s to date me when she gets out??


I understood that she wasn’t a happy camper…


Jailed Date!

She stopped calling for a while…she said I had her number and that I should’ve sent her some minutes because she ran out! I told her I would explain to her when she got out!

On to the next prospect:

Another girl was nice and easygoing but then I was supposed to help her hurdle the phone bill and I didn’t… she was a little salty after that –giving only two word responses at best: “I’m fine” kind of thing! I find it foolish to paying your bills and I do not know you like that or have even been on a date with you yet. I know people can be in a situation but if i start giving money to a girl I want to date, even before we start dating – that first impression would be the worse impression.

Another experience wanted me to pay her internet bill yet she is supposed to be a PHD holder with her own business?? FINE!  If you don’t have a PHD I’m ok with that; but you said on your profile that you did, so when you come at me with your bills… it’s not adding up!

Another experience wanted me to get her a Sam’s Club Card so she can start a candy shop at home??

IN ALL THESE CASES – it’s not a good look. Ladies do not be asking a man to pay your bill at the get go! We’ve never even been on a date in these references! And when you don’t come through the way they want, -all you get is attitude! One girl when she asked me … I paused for about 50 seconds between that text (as we were texting back and forth on rapid), I was doing something else for a couple seconds only to see another text saying: “you stopped talking to me because I need your help” –I checked and saw that not even a minute had elapsed since her text before and then came another text saying, “is that the kind of man that you are?” So I text her that I did not stop talking and that it hasn’t been a minute since my last text…“Are you getting me the card” is what she said next, – then, “sorry are you helping me out” … “or not!” I responded ‘Not!’ Then she said: “ok”… and just took off! I haven’t heard a peep out of her since…

…An hour and 15 mins went by before I chided her by asking: “have you stopped talking to me because I’m not paying your internet bill… Is that the type of woman you are? Who am I kidding! That girl was so long gone, – she was probably on her way across the Mexican border by then…Lol

All this has made dating sites an unlikely prospect for me to find what I’m looking for… but like they say “Strange circumstances makes strange bedfellows!” With that being said, I still would like to give the benefit of the doubt and say that maybe 10% are unreal while the other 90% are just decent persons that really want someone to talk to sometimes…

I guess I’ll still be kicking this can down the street hoping to meet a woman ever so sweet… A person just honestly seeking to get to know someone and to be a blessing in that persons’ life. That is what I really want to be most times… a blessing or an inspiration to someone’s life.


To that effect I have prepared myself for the moment I take that worthwhile someone, -or anyone, on a date. It should be a date that will ignite further interest!

With no further delay I introduce my secret weapon for seducing my date into another date or a lot more dates… heh heh

The 300 Creative and Inexpensive Date Ideas That People Are Using To Leave Great Impressions, Rekindle Relationships and Have More Fun!

I definitely intend to leave a marked impression on that special lady that is honestly looking for an honest and decent man.