Halloween is a Gaelic festival marking the end of the harvest season and the beginning of winter. This period is known as the “darker half” of the year. Traditionally, it is celebrated from 31 October to 1 November. Their priests were called the druids, or referred to as sorcerers … Wisemen. They dabbled in darkness and death… Obviously, they were evil! It was said that they drank blood! “It was known that the druids drank blood and were involved in human sacrifice. Also it’s believed that Stonehenge in England was built by these priests and that it was a place of human sacrifice.” Stories, legends and fact seem to readily agree on these eerie tales.



History has it that these druids on the eve of October 31st would take wicker baskets and put humans in them before setting them ablaze… Burning humans making inhuman screams which were as music to the ears of these shadowy men that made this unholy sacrifice to the ‘god of the dead’




a.k.a –the Grim Reaper! also known as ‘Death’, who is frequently imagined as a personified force, due to its prominent place in human culture. In some mythologies, the Grim Reaper causes the victim’s death by coming to collect them. Halloween was their celebration and the druids celebrated Halloween with great excitement. In addition…


It was widely held that that time of the year was when all the wicked and evil spirits had a free reign from their dark and arid places to roam the earth, tormenting the humans. In this anticipation the Druids taught these evil rituals and practices of dressing up like witches and devils. Halloween They taught the people to dress up like devils and put out fruits and vegetables on their porches. The aim was to appease these wicked ghouls and fairies and devils to stop them attacking the homes and livestock. Therefore…


Offering a treat so these wicked spirits would not do mischief! Every time your child chants trick or treat!” he or she is again repeating an ‘age old’ pagan festival. You’re partaking in an ‘age old’ pagan festival of death when you celebrate Halloween.

These spirits that were called up by Samhain (Halloween) and the god of the dead would wander the earth.Halloween  For a while the people were able in Scotland, in England, and in Europe there… to appease them with their little offerings of food or treats. However, the demand got greater as the wickedness increased. The druids would then instruct the people that their little food treats were not enough. The spirits were now demanding a larger sacrifice. Eventually, cats and dogs and lambs and goats were offered. They also began to put the goat heads on sticks to be seen, representing the sacrifice offered to Samhain –the god of the dead. They believed that the wicked and evil spirts would do them no harm by these sacrifices.


After a time human sacrifices were now being demanded. Halloween The druids would come dressed up in gruesome outfits to entertain the wicked spirits, to partake of their evil on that evening. They would come to the homes of the villagers and demand a virgin as a sacrifice on the New Year celebration, -October 31st. They would tell the frightened villagers that if they did not give them a virgin sacrifice to appease the wicked spirits, someone in their house would die. By morning the following day that virgin must be offered. If a child was not produced by daybreak a blood hexagram was put on the house of that parent with an evil face carved into a squash –in those days, or a pumpkin. Halloween It would be placed on their porch with burning coal within, -lighting up this gruesome face! If a virgin was not produced the family would die.

Halloween was meant for evil and there is nothing cute about it or the costumes that embodies evil sentiments.

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