JERUSALEM GIFT SHOP IS “THE WORLD’S LARGEST JERUSALEM BASED CHRISTIAN WEB STORE.” And this is where I shop whenever I want to have a personal connection to Israel that is real. Therefore… I shop online and that is fine however… because I always wanted to go to Israel in the flesh… I can’t wait to get there physically… GOD willing.

Jerusalem gift

Jerusalem Gift Shop offers Worldwide Shipping and Moneyback Guarantee to back up high quality products. As such, I intend to always shop there.

JERUSALEM GIFT SHOP – Authentic Products Mentioned in the Bible.

Our shop, located in Jerusalem, the heart of the Holy Land, has a huge inventory of unique gifts that we have provided for you, our valued customers. We’re happy to be your connection to Israel!

Started in 2004 to act as a bridge between the nations and Israel… The gift shop offers high quality products and Live News from Jerusalem service. Historically… Israel has always been a bridge between the three main continents and an object of focus to surrounding nations. By the same token… Jerusalem Gift Shop has expanded greatly since 2004 in terms of gifts and customer support base. Moreover…Jerusalem gift

Shavua Tov from me and from my Star of David necklace

Jerusalem gift

We greatly appreciate our customers and we’re always looking for new items that you may value. Thus… we warmly extend a heartfelt welcome to our new customers and we hope blessings will flow from our products. Moreover… all our products are carefully selected and are of high quality as we consider the blessing of serving you. Also…We’ve recently added blogs about life in Israel to our website to make your connection to this land even closer. Shalom, shalom!
Jerusalem gift

Shop in Jerusalem for anointing oil made in the Galilee using Frankincense, Lily of the Valley, Rose of Sharon, Myrrh and Spikenard and other biblical scents


Jerusalem gift
The Jerusalem Gift Shop


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