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Baby Stuff & Free Samples

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Stock Up on Fine Wine at Amazing Prices With Direct Cellars

Selecting a good bottle of wine isn’t always the easiest thing to do. People throw out descriptors like “peppery” and “licorice” and “hint of oak,” which sound nice and familiar, but aren’t always helpful. So instead of aimlessly wandering around the liquor store  willy nilly, or relying on unclear references, just go with the experts. For your info…

Direct Cellars has a 4 bottle wine delivery service that sends an excellent selection of red and/or white straight to your door step.


Experts choose, you enjoy. Also…

01.18.18 8:35 PM ET

Wines from Direct Cellars are handpicked from vineyards and are not found in stores. Exciting, quality blends that are to your taste based on a few (easy) questions around your palette preferences. Or, you can just choose from the large collection. Either way, it’s super convenient — especially during stressful holiday plans or just after a long day of work. Each bottle comes with  flavor notes, vineyard backstories, and food pairing ideas. Also…

Usually, 4 bottles of wine is the minimum delivered to your door (with free shipping), go here for more details



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