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There’s a story about a man who thought about his bad luck…He had lost his job, his wife left him and his house was about to foreclose with him drowning in depression. And… as he reflected for a moment, – he recalled that he had not eaten for days without noticing, due to depression. He also realized another thing; -there was no food! There was only one ripe banana left! After eating it and throwing away the skin, he climbed a tree with a piece of rope but noticed a man eating the skin he discarded; it occurred to him – there are others in worse positions than he found himself in and they are willing to live regardless. However…

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Multi-million and multi-billion dollar companies are spending billions of dollars every year educating themselves about the average consumer. Therefore… 

Hi, my name is Daniel Cooper,

And I would like to tell you one of my favorite stories I have ever heard…

It’s about a man who was at one of the lowest times in his entire life, and the story of how he was able to completely turn his life around.

This man went from being thousands of dollars in debt…

To being able to pay off ALL of his bills – living a completely debt free life.

So, who was this man?

This man was me.

It’s true.

I was ashamed of myself… worried that I was going to lose my house… and have to go through the shameful, degrading process of moving my wife and daughters back into my parents basement…