Raising Toddlers: Dealing With The Terrible Twos And Beyond

Raising Toddlers requires preparation as Your baby changes so much in his first year; they earned a whole new title: toddler! There’s a reason this age gets its own distinction: toddlers are their own breed. Here are some things to know about kids at this highly mobile, forever busy, absolutely adorable age.

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 Welcome to toddlerhood. In these two whirlwind years kicked off by the first birthday, your dependent little baby will become a competent young child. You won’t see such a dramatic transformation — or such intense ups and downs — again until puberty. Parenting a toddler is a heart-melting, fun and funny experience…except when it’s frustrating, exhausting and stressful.
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Raising Toddlers Is Not A Cake Walk!

Raising Toddlers

Walking is the thing that divides baby and “toddler,” but there are many other physical advances challenging your child right now. One- and two-year-olds are very physical little people, learning through plenty of hands-on exploration (and sometimes demolition), and showing emotion with the whole body. Therefore…


Mobility Once your child is upright, the world is a different place with many new possibilities. When she is up and steady on her own two legs, watch for these next steps:

  • walking while dragging or pushing a toy
    • squatting to pick up an object
    • climbing — not only stairs, but anything scaleable
    • running
    • jumping — off a low structure, then from standing
    • kicking a ball