Recipe book like this one will teach you the golden recipes for your favorite dishes from your favorite restaurants. Such as, The Cheesecake Factory, KFC, The Olive Garden, PF Chang’s, Red Lobster, Chili’s … (plus many others). Doubtlessly… You will learn to easily make them at home. As such, this is a must have! A recipe box for success!


Most Americans like to eat out once in a while

recipe book

Group Of Young Friends Enjoying Meal In Outdoor Restaurant

, maybe 3 or 4 times weekly. As a matter of fact, the food budget takes eating out into consideration and money is set aside for that. Obviously, this book could save you money by showing you how to prepare those meals just as the restaurant does! However….eating out is not all about food or money. recipe book In fact… it’s more for company and social graces why people really enjoy eating out. Thus… even if you can fry chicken better than the Colonel, that still wouldn’t stop you going to KFC . Therefore…


The major selling point is to be able to reproduce what you enjoy at these restaurants at a moment’s notice. For instance, you are throwing a party or get together or just having a social with friends.      Maybe you’re in the catering business; this is a sure way to become a household name with clients. Whatever your reasons –this is freaking awesome!

This Recipe Book is like no other on the market.

I finally figured out how, but it wasn’t easy at first… There are no recipe books  like this on the market

When I figured out just how much I was spending to treat my family these delicious dishes we loved, I just KNEW I had to start cooking more at home. After all, I love to cook!

But no matter how tasty my dishes were, my family was always disappointed that it wasn’t QUITE the same flavors that they were practically ADDICTED to


My friends said my pasta recipe book was NOT as good as Olive Garden’s…

    – My kids said my seafood was NOT as good as Red Lobster…

    – And my wife said my special fried chicken was NOT as good as Kentucky Fried…


In fact, she actually DARED me to re-create the famous Colonel Sanders KFC recipe at home. She didn’t think I could do it, so I set out to prove her wrong. Unfortunately….

Restaurants intend to keep their secrets well kept. KFC has kept their recipe tighter than a mummy’s shroud. In fact, the chefs themselves do not know the secret seasonings. They arrive pre-mixed from corporate distributors.

Now, I wasn’t willing to go all “Mission Impossible” on their headquarters. So in my quest for a copy-cat recipe, I started searching high and low on the internet.

This Recipe book was great And I was AMAZED!

There were HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of people just like me, experimenting in their own kitchens, trying to save money by cooking at home… but UNWILLING to give up on their favorite flavors!

And they weren’t just cloning Kentucky Fried Chicken, but HUNDREDS of dishes from ALL my family’s favorite restaurants.

But DON’T be fooled!

Even though there are endless amounts of recipes online that CLAIM to taste just like the real thing, most of them are junk! I spent night after disappointing night trying out recipes that just DO NOT work.

I’ve used MASSIVE amounts of trial-and-error, consulted with professional chefs, and collaborated with tens of thousands of other recipe cloners online to make my recipes the PERFECT match for their restaurant counterparts.

I am 100% confident.

These are the EXACT ingredients these restaurants use…

In fact, I’ve been on NATIONAL TV to hold taste tests with real people who COULDN’T TELL the difference between my cooking and the restaurant’s dishes!recipe book


recipe book

Ever Wish You Can Cook Like the Restaurants?

Get Access to recipes from:

-Olvie Garden

-Cheesecake Factory

-TGI Friday’a

-PF Chang’s


And More!


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