Solar Energy or clean energy is the new push towards a healthy planet. Energy is infinite in the universe and exists in a variety of forms. The world depends heavily on accessing a consistent supply of this power to fuel development and technology. To this extent oil has been quite useful but damaging to our atmosphere. Consequently, the drive towards a cleaner source of energy has brought us to the doorstep of Solar Energy!

The product comes as a downloadable eBook Solar Energy including fully illustrated instructions for building a Solar Stirling Plant!

Additionally, the company provides full technical support.

It is available for a one-off payment and there is the security of a 60 day 100 percent Money- back guarantee.

 Solar Energy


The product claims to show you how to build a fully functioning electricity generator, utilizing the power of the sun Solar Energy 


According to the producers, this will provide up to 12 times as much power as standard photovoltaic (PV) solar panels at a fraction of the cost.

The price of the product is certainly much less expensive than having a solar panel built.

PV solar panels can cost up to 30.000 for a standard home. It will take a number of years to realize savings this way.

Solar Energy


In contrast the Solar Stirling Plant offers an alternative that can apparently be built for less than 100 (while not unrealistic for those with know-how and access to the right tools, typically, other products of this nature recommend a budget of around 200).

Solar Energy

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The technology that allows this concentrates the rays of the sun in a smaller area. This also avoids having to spread out a series of solar panels across the roof of your property. The technology behind the Solar Stirling Plant has been around since the early 19th century, so it is certainly not untested. Recently a Swedish energy technology company, Cleanenergy AB, opened a solar power plant in China using a system based on the same concept. The Swedish company’s system has a higher solar-to-electricity conversion rate than PV technologies and requires less sunshine in order to produce more power.