Why Burgundy is the hottest property in fine wine terms

The price of fine burgundy has risen more rapidly than wine from any other fine-wine region. As a matter of fact… This has been going on for over both the last six years and the shorter term. Also…This was made evident according to a new study released, and has been previewed exclusively by Telegraph Luxury.

The Wine Boom is here and will be a long and lasting love

The research from Wine Lister also finds that Grands Crus from the commune of Morey-Saint-Denis (which include Clos de la Roche and Clos des Lambrays) are the most frequently traded at auction, while, as a group, white Côte de Beaune Premiers Crus have had the biggest price rises, doubling in value over five years (see the following charts).

wine region investment prices growth

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Wine region investment prices growth