Wine is getting more popular than beer and is currently the 3rd most popular beverage...Noah was the one who made wine according to the book of Genesis. Also, Abraham received .wine  at the hand of the high priest of God as a gesture of blessing. And Solomon said: go thy way and drink thy wine with a merry heart; for God now accept thy works. As a matter of fact…

Jesus turned water into wine at a wedding at his mother’s request. Wine also has important health benefits for the body according to the bible. Thus…


DIRECT CELLARS: The 2nd Largest WineClub in the World


 Let’s Talk about this industry

  • Over a $303bn a year industry
  • 45% of US adults drink it
  • 35% of US wine drinkers, drink several times per week


  • Largest wine consuming generations:
    • Millennials at 36%
    • Baby boomers at 34%

wine wine


The consumption in the US averages 913 million gallons per year. The US rate of  consumption has left Italy behind and is now catching up on FRANCE! As a matter of fact, France is the only country consuming more of this than the US right now and that will change by the end of next year. USA is soon to be the largest of such consumer in the world. The facts are amazing! As such…Wine is like another type of food and has been around for ages.


Scientists say 8,000year-old pottery fragments have revealed the earliest evidence of grape wine-making. This has been around forever! Special events like weddings, anniversaries, or just fine dining, go well with it. Wine will always be a part of the human experience. Furthermore…

Let’s Talk Business

Combined with social marketing which has:

  • 103 million global participants
  • $183bn industry, and growing each year
  • $200m in commissions paid out every single day

Network marketing is growing more rapidly each year and is producing more millionaires than acting, singing and professional sports from all the countries in the world combined! As a matter of fact… in another 2 years we will have more millionaires from this industry than ever before. wineSocial marketing can make you a billionaire a lot quicker than any of those other industries. Similarly…. Wall Street and Forbes magazine confirmed from a study done a year ago… The entire industry is poised for an explosive growth and can be one of the most significant solutions to America’s current retirement savings crisis. Hence…

Wine combined with Network and Social Marketing creates a powerful way to deter the retirement crisis. As a result of this combination we have Direct Cellars.


For Premium Quality Wine Online

Direct Cellars is an exclusive WineClub –the 3rd largest in the world- for fine premium-wine. Also…Direct Cellars will be the largest wine-club by the end of next year. You get amazing fine wines from around the world shipped to your front door every month.  Each bottle of fine woin is made from a single vineyard to ensure the highest quality.


  • The Founder of Direct Cellars is David DiStefano wine
  • The Company began as a small internet wine club in 2014
  • The Distribution Method is “Word Of Mouth.” (The method of distribution is word of mouth which is the most powerful and believable way that is easily retained and obtained. People like to spread the word when they are pleased about something… And you just can’t get them to shut up about it; -which is a good thing for Direct Cellars).
  • Direct Cellars is focused on exploration, discovery and education about new grapes, new wines, new region and new methods of woin making.
  • The Company has offices in: Seattle, Chicago and Florida, and more recently in Kansas city.

Jerry Greenfield wine, The Wine Whisperer

  • Member of the prestigious Society of Wines Educators
  • Nationally published Author
  • Wine-Columnist



What’s the difference between cheap and expensive wines?

Every so often I get a question about the difference between cheap wines and better wines: “What’s the real difference? Why spend $25 when I can spend $2.50? Seriously, it’s just fermented grapes. Isn’t it all the same?”

Fine wine is a far cry from cheap wines. In fact… regardless of the writings and taste tests of experts where the cheap wines in the expensive bottle wins… there is a strong difference between shit wine and good stuff. As a matter of fact…

Because those tests are in pressured surroundings with peer pressure bearing down… And, is going off the idea of people’s susceptibility to suggestion (which humans are).

The proof is in the taste

There is a difference between fine wines and regular wine. So expect higher quality, better fruit to go into expensive wines. … I remember my own experiences of tasting fine wines for the first time and knowing that there was no going back to inferiority. Anything that good must be experienced over and over again. 

When you taste something that is well made and something that is not – you will know the difference. A lot of persons experienced an eye opener when they taste fine wines for the first time. They have never backslidden to cheap wines since. I’m totally willing to buy that, like everything in wine, tasting quality is something you learn as you learn more about wines. You may be at a place now where you can’t taste the difference. It will come with time and more tasting. Ultimately the taste, aroma, and texture of the wines are dead giveaways that you have something special. Furthermore…

Regardless of what you can or can’t taste, there are some serious, concrete differences between mass produced wines and boutique wines that may be of interest. These are farming, winemaking, and flavor factors that make a big difference in quality and price. So even if you can’t taste the difference now, maybe this will at least provide an explanation of the price difference between good wines and cheap wines and give you an appreciation of why some wineries charge more for their wines.

Winemaking has another huge effect. If you don’t know what you’re doing and don’t use the right equipment (the right kind of barrels, the right type of maceration, fermentation) the wines aren’t going to be as good. According Rory Ricord -wine connoisseur,

“Having been to well over a thousand vineyards and tasting wines from all over the globe.

Fine wine is different from grocery store variety.”

Never is this more clear than when you’re touring around a wine region trying the wines. The wines of the area are from similar vineyards and sometimes from the exact same ones, but in the hands of different winemakers they taste completely different. The winemaker’s decisions can make or break  wines.” Since all great wines starts in the vineyard, the best vineyard sites are prized, limited and the grapes from there cost more. Also…

Fine Wines are the product of expertise and craftsmanship

So even if you’ve done a great job in the vineyard and you have beautiful grapes that have outstanding potential, you’re by no means done — it can still all go to pot. Trust me, I’ve seen this happen. In the hands of an overzealous, tech-loving winemaker, beautiful grapes can transform into a wine that tastes like a mouthful of vanilla and butter with no hint of the natural goodness that came from the land. Also…

Top wines have balance between acid, tannin, alcohol, and sugar (or lack thereof) and they are either reminiscent of fruit or of the land in which they grew. They aren’t oak bombs and don’t taste like butter (although they can have the texture of velvet). They aren’t high alcohol without a balance of tannin or acid. A skilled winemaker understands the grapes s/he has to work with and uses techniques to highlight the deliciousness of the grapes, not to transform the wine into something completely different from the grapes they worked so hard to grow.

Direct to consumer

Direct Cellars is direct to consumer! So we do not drive around with wine in our cars neither store them at our homes. We sell wine memberships! wine All members get a monthly delivery of the wines they chose and a menu of the meals that best pairs with it. In addition to this, you get the details of the vineyard the wine is from.

Proof of the effects of fine wine on the body and mind

Fine wine is not loaded with sulfites due to proper fermentation that the mass produced wine has not gone through. The excessive sulfites produce headaches and bad feelings. Sulfites are preservatives and antioxidants.

Sulfites used to prevent unwanted bacteria from spoiling the wine… But for those who are sensitive to them, excess sulfites can cause breathing difficulties and, hives or other allergy-like symptoms.


But we all know, too, that a glass of fine wine can be the perfect end to a brutal day at the office—even if science hadn’t figured out why yet. Now, a new study published in the journal Nature backs us up: Researchers found that even a small dose of wine can help your body better deal with stress.

Cheers to that fact!




Physical Benefits of Wine

  • Boosts Heart Health. Active compounds in red wine have proved to have heart protective properties. …
  • Improves Cholesterol. …
  • Fights Free Radical Damage. …
  • Helps Manage Diabetes. …
  • Fights Obesity and Weight Gain

For more on the benefits of our wine club membership and on becoming an earner with Direct Cellars & not just a customer.