Work at home jobs has been a god sent. It is made possible by the technologies that are at our disposal. As a result… the decentralization of the office space. Thus… giving rise to more independence and flexibility for employees. In addition, companies get to save millions. Moreover…

I hated having to get up early every morning out of bed. Work was just about trading dollars for hours and biding the time. I had to be a conformist to a dress code, behavour code and a brown nose code. However… above all else, I hated the thought of a fixed salary, especially with rising inflation. Bend of break! Something had to give.

Work at home


stay-at-home dads sort through the online opportunities to be able to make some extra money from home.– This week, we are giving some love to all the dads trying to balance work and family! Here are some great options for work at home dad jobs. Being a father myself i know the importance of attending to my child’s every need. This applies to social as well as financial. In today’s world it is hard to trust a stranger to babysit your baby, and i’m happy I do not need a babysitter.

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A Day From Home 

Some things in life seem too good to be true until you prove that they aren’t. If I didn’t know it were all true i would say it were all lies. Without the risk of being left behind the motivation just isn’t there to some people. I’m one such person but I know I needed to be there for my child and Working from home is the best thing that I could ever do in response..

On that note… I empathize with persons who are searching, for whatever reasons. I have been there before. Since leaving that phase of my live I have begun to actually enjoy what I’m doing .