Daughter to Father:

“Dad there is something my boyfriend said to me, that I didn’t understand. He said that I have a beautiful chassis, lovely airbags and a fantastic bumper.”


Father’s response:

“Tell your boyfriend that if he opens your bonnet and tries to check your oil with his dipstick, I will tighten his nuts so hard that his headlights will pop out and he will start leaking from his exhaust pipe.”

He killed it!


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America first should be thought but not said. If you are on the world stage then you have to think globally (as far as appearances are concerned -especially as it relates to your allies), Shouting “AMERICA FIRST!” from the rooftops does not seem sensible, similarly…

Playing to the gallery to appease your base support is understandable. However, going after what you already possess is unnecessary. They elect you to lead them not party with them…Nationalists are thinking in the wrong decade. Globalism is the wave that is sweeping the current times and will not be stopped. If you are already at the head of globalism while it’s picking up wind…

Why Would You Want To Take A Backward Step To  Nationalism And Lose A Coveted Place At The Helm Of Globalism? Consequently … Russia and China are stunting on the world stage, scaring allies and making the World more insecure. Meanwhile, America is drawing into a shell and throwing up walls.  The President is not wearing any clothes and is being told that his clothes are invisible…



America does not fight war on its borders because the people being protected would be more at risk; -that would make no sense… Depending on yourself instead of building alliances is troubling. Likewise…building an alliance with those who could destroy you instead of keeping them isolated and off-balance; is unique…

What is normal is to strengthen your allies over which you have full control… And they could never rise against you… They depend on you for protection, and from the potential opponent that you would’ve made sure to isolate. Simply speaking!

Losing international clout and allowing your biggest opponents -COMMUNISTS- to act dignified at America’s expense. They are rushing in psychologically to fill the vacuum that they perceive is being left behind.

A business man and a President wear different ‘suits.’  A business man has his eye on money –making himself and his dependents rich!  That can be understood… despite how shallow it is. After all… money in itself is not happiness, acceptance and self-awareness isfriends and loved ones are better benchmarks for happiness. What use will money have after a Nuclear War? -we’ll be back to using arrows and spears! Being rich in itself is fine as long as you are not crushing other people in that process. The ideal is love and utopia –everyone wants to be happy! and a leader is expected to be humane…

A President knows what not to say and how to interact for the preservation of America’s influence. Dignity is worth more than money and even if a leader has no dignity, he should be wise enough to not try to make it obvious… That is what it is… everything that this President is not! The world is more unsafe now because America has a businessman for a President!


Make the world a better place America…

Political Capital is worth more than millions. The Love of Money is the root of all evil. AMERICA FIRST is not an intelligent thing to shout from the rooftops when you meet with other World leaders.

Influence is more important than riches. The rich think money is all and they are always wrong.

Jesus and countless others throughout the halls of time have taught the rich nothing about leadership… is that even possible??


The love of money turns men into beasts and they unwittingly trample moral values in that endeavor… Happiness does not walk hand in hand with riches…The Fear of the LORD and Knowledge Of the Holy is Understanding. WE ARE THE WORLD WE HELP TO CREATE!.


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The Lion and the Lost Meal

Preparation meets opportunity is something that I’ve heard more than once. Similarly, opportunity come but once is another wise saying. In addition… “Hog says the first water you get you should wash in it.” These are proverbs I often heard my grandparents repeat over and over. The following story will illustrate the point further…


The Lion and the Lost Meal. One evening a lion found a hare asleep . He was very pleased and was just about to eat the hare when he saw a deer running by, forgetting the hare, he jumped up and chased after the deer, making so much noise that the hare woke up and ran away. Unfortunately…

Take care of what is in your grasp before chasing after more

After a long chase the lion realized that he could not catch the deer. Remembering the hare, he returned to where it had been, only to find that, like the deer, it had escaped. Therefore…

“Serves me right,” said the lion, “for leaving the food that I had under my nose in the hope of getting something bigger.”


Do not let opportunity pass you by. Do not live a life of regret. Thus, take advantage of this amazing offer to start your own business with low overhead cost and high yields.He who is faithful in the small things will be entrusted with the larger things. -Jesus (YHWH)

Father With Baby Working In Office At Home



Computta is a bitcoin manufacturer that is highly linked in expertise and exposure. Thus…Cryptocurrency is their main staple. And their blockchain system that mines bitcoin, is an evolution of money from paper to a social tool. Knowledge is power and Cryptocurrency is


valuable to know about and that is a fact. Moreover… it reveals money as more than just paper or a tool for expenditure. Additionally…


Central Banking has done just as much harm as good by misrepresenting and manipulating money as well as the people.

The BITCOIN rids us of centralization, government control and the power of the rich to control the people through money. Hence… there is no stopping bitcoin.This is revolutionary and the stock market is reacting.


Bitcoin is so big that Computta must be acted upon with a blockchain system to meet the demand. Mining is the way to be part of bitcoin and Computta’s blockchain system, it uses your computer to generate bitcoin . The growth is explosive. As such, the blockchain concept is put to work… this program is super! However…

There is a point where mining bitcoin will be extinct because they would’ve had the needed amount. This is how inflation will be killed. Before that time however, sign up and get into mining. All the big name in the tech system is behind bitcoin and its growth is phenomenal as evidence.

Your computer processing power will process blocks of information… into bitcoins as quick as possible and as much as possible. You will be allotted bitcoins for yourself as payment in return for being a part of the mining process. Bitcoin is hot and  we have to strike while the iron is hot and will be so for a while.

It’s weighed and tried and tested for viruses or scams and it’s clean and has some mighty people and prospects behind it.




One afternoon a half-starved fox spotted some meat that had been left by shepherds in the hollow of an oak tree. The fox crept inside the tree and ate and ate. When she had finished, the fox was ready to be on her way, but she found that her stomach had swollen and she could not get out of the tree. Luckily…


Another fox, who was passing by, heard her cries for help and came up to find out what was the matter. “Well,” said the second fox, ‘I suggest you stay there until you’re thin again. Then you’ll get out quite easily.” Notwithstanding… Plus Size Fashion Up To 90% Off

Staying Foxy does not have to be a struggle!

I can easily imagine this to be a struggle for some women. However, the struggle would seem to be getting into a dress rather than out of it. Maybe a wedding or a party is on its way and you need the weight to get on its way. ‘Being the fox in the hen house’ at the party is the ideal!  Will a diet work in time or be effective? Fortunately… there is an easier way and it’s scientifically guaranteed to work…

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One Event Will Change Cryptocurrencies Forever

The cryptocurrency market is RED HOT in 2017…

Bitcoin has surged over 125% in the past few months… and Ethereum has seen gains over 3,467% this year alone.

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A single event is currently unfolding that could make dozens of tiny, little-known cryptocurrencies, more valuable than gold.

And in the process, could see hundreds of thousands of retailers across the globe beginning to turn their backs on the U.S. dollar.

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Are you ashamed of Jesus? If so, why? This is a question that may take introspection otherwise it is deliberate. Who is Jesus… Has he ever existed in time.