Leather Shoes represented in the form of stylish shoes for men is here at the ready. Luxury shoes that are unbelievable! How good is that? In addition, the pricing is very affordable for the average Joe. What do you have on your feet? As a matter of fact, women care a lot more about what a man has on his feet than even his pants or shirt.

leather shoes

Leather Shoes For Men 

For shoes made with hand-selected full grain calf leather for a fine pair of Italian men’s dress shoes. As a matter of quality…It was vital to us that Ace Marks fulfills the needs of the modern gentleman. We created a reasonably priced, cleverly contemporary, utterly luxurious and comfortable dress shoe that makes a lavish powerful statement. Additionally… we ship straight from Italy. The price is remarkable for such fine quality men shoes. Interestingly…

Ace Marks is able to pass on savings directly to the customer by cutting out the middle man through it’s Direct To Consumer Prices. Thus… offering premium luxury Italian shoes at wholesale prices. That’s a $600 luxury Italian mens dress shoes for under $300

It has always been said that every man should have a tuxedo in his closet just in case. In the same note, every man should have a good pair or two, of excellent quality mens dress shoes. To stumble over this link is a pot of gold for those who dress with class and polish every now and then.

Dressing well is an art, look the part!

leather shoes

/Women do not like to see a man in tattered shoes. I know this first hand from my mother and sisters. They are harsh critics of a man in a lean pair of shoe. Moreover, there is something hygenic about the look of a new pair of shoe. It is more attractive to have on a ripped jeans and a good pair of shoe than to have on a new jeans with a ripped pair of shoe.leather shoes

Similarly, Puss In Boots comes to mind! It stands to reason that if it were Puss In Suit, it would be far less interesting.

Stylish Shoes For Men leather shoes

Each pair of Ace Marks Italian men’s dress shoes are made with hand-selected full grain calf leather and are crafted, dyed, and burnished by hand. The lightweight Blake Flex construction and leather out-sole allow for easy, effortless movement.


Ace Marks offers free shipping and returns on all men’s Italian dress shoes within the continental US on all orders. To see international shipping rates and our international returns policies please visit our international shipping page

Accessories includes Belts, Wrist Wear, and Cologne

 leather shoes leather shoes leather shoes