Password Manager in one shape or another has always been a part of my existence. As a matter of fact, even more popular these days due to our dependence on information technology. I personally did not use a password manager because I kept a notepad with my passwords, is that smart? Not really! Just what I did as my password manager. According to my IT lecturer, it’s not a bright idea. Black hat hackers are restless to prove what they can do and they’ve been infamous for what they have done. Thus, constant attacks on systems around the world has opened my eyes.

Password Manager


The password manager creates and retrieves hard passwords. The passwords are stored in an encryption. Also, these encryptions will be created on demand as well. Deny hackers from having their way. A password like “123456” or “monkey” is easy to remember, but it’s also easy to crack. With the help of a password manager, you can have a unique and strong password for every secure website.


A password like “123456” or “monkey” is easy to remember, but it’s also easy to crack. With the help of a password manager Password Manager, you can have a unique and strong password for every secure website



Ranked in the top 2 by customers, allows you to

  • Import From Browsers
  • Import From Competitors
  • Two-Factor Authentication
  • Export Data
  • Automatic Password Capture
  • Automatic Password Replay
  • Fill Web Forms
  • Multiple Form-Filling Identifies
  • Actionable Password Strength Report
  • Browse Menu Of Logins
  • Application Passwords
  • Secure Sharing
  • Digital Legacy

RoboForm is the number one and the only one that protects in all these instances. In addition it is the most amazingly priced, it cannot get any better.

Better than Intel True Key! RoboForm is high quality at low price.

Beats other popular Password Managers, (like Dashlane, Password Boss, Log Me Once, Keeper, AgileBits and TrueKey by Intel Security) in quality and good economics.

How It Works

RoboForm logs you in to websites with one click. Here’s how.

1. Install RoboForm

Get RoboForm on the device and browser of your choice. More than one device? No problem. RoboForm Everywhere keeps them all in sync.

2. Choose Your Master Password

Your Master Password is the one password you’ll need to remember. We don’t store your Master Password anywhere, so make sure you don’t forget it!

3. Add Logins to RoboForm

The more passwords you store in RoboForm, the better. Have them all in a CSV? Want to import from another password manager? Great! RoboForm can import from either. Or just let RoboForm save your new passwords as you log in.

4. Log in with a single click

Your passwords are in RoboForm now, so you can log in to your favorite sites with a single click.

5. Explore RoboForm’s features

In addition to one click logins, RoboForm has a whole host of awesome features including random password generation, powerful search, saving into folders, password audit, web form filling, safenotes, and secure password sharing are a few